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Наталья Diaz Гусенцова

Уверенное притяжение цели с помощью бессознательного!

ABOUT ME (English)



Clinical psychologist








My name is Natalia Diaz Gusentsova. I am a Coach, Psychoanalyst and Business Owner. I’m married and live in Mexico (Mexico, DF). I have one son.

In my work of a coach and a psychoanalist I use knowledge in the field of Psychoanalysis, the Transactional analysis, Systemic Family Psychotherapy, System-Family Constellations, Haptonomy, Vedic Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive-behavioral approach, Art therapy, Neurography, Symbolic modeling. As separate tools for work with unconscious it is usually used various Metaphorical Associative Cards and Cubes of stories. In work with children is applied also Sand and Game therapies.

Psychological coaching game «Speedy Coaching» and a pack of metaphorical project cards GRUTAS were developed by me. I am also the author of two books and one manual:

1. “Notes of a psychologist. How I see this world»
2. “Group game psycho-training in the author’s training Speedy Coaching”
3. “The first pregnancy at 38 years old without doctors. How I did it. ”

The economic and legal knowledge gained in the course of training in higher education institution and the leading work in the bank sphere help to manage business.

My hobbies — yoga, sport (jigging), languages (English, Spanish, French) and astrology help me to enjoy life.

Let`s make a friendship:

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The style of my work can be called innovative because it unite both,  conservative, and liberal approaches designed to keep and change both a figure, and a word designed to display and symbolize. It is important to wait and to be opened for all new, though we understand, that all new is well forgotten old.

Parental consulting:

— difficulties of child-parent relationships;

—problems related to the HIA of the child, having a psychological nature;

— boundary psychological disorders at the child (tics, stuttering, enuresis, encopresis) having the psychological nature;

— fears, anxiety of the child;

— hyperexcitability, hyperactivity;

— violation of adaptation, communication with peers and adults;

— difficulties of interaction of the child with people around: aggression, capriciousness, lack of mutual understanding and so forth;

— problems of the child at a divorce of parents;

— problem of separation-individuation of the child;

— experience of age-related crises of children and parents;

— Posttraumatic syndrome (PTS) and posttraumatic disorder (PTSD) of the child;

— experience of a grief, loss by the child and parent;

— professional self-determination of a teenager; etc.

Adult consulting:

— statement and achievement of goals;

— difficulties of personal body height;

— difficulties of relationship;

— neuroses, fears;

— stresses;

— depressions;

— experience of age crises;

— the psychosomatic functional disorders having the psychological nature;

— panic attacks, anxiety;

— posttraumatic syndrome (PTS) and posttraumatic disorder (PTSR);

— experience of a grief, loss;

— relationship with the partner, improvement of the intra family relations;

— the difficulties of self-determination, including professional; and etc.

Consulting organizations:

— crisis management.

The most important education:

Magistracy, East-European Institute of Psychoanalysis St. Petersburg 2018-2020
Coaching School Moscow 2016
Metaphisics the Business Moscow 2015
«European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Theory and Practice of Child Psychoanalysis» Vienna, Austria 2014
«East-European Institute of Psychoanalysis, qualification Psychologist, Psychology teacher, specialization Clinical psychology, Psychoanalysis» St. Petersburg 2006-2013
«National Mineral and Raw University of Mining, qualification Economist-manager, specialization Economics and Enterprise Management» St. Petersburg 1998-2004